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Type of call:          Toilet Installation

Your technician did an excellent job!  He was very friendly and helpful.  We will certainly recommend your services to others. Thanks for all your help.
- Byron B
Type of call:       Water leak in shower and installation of new kitchen faucet. 
Just a quick note to advise of our satisfaction with the service provided today by your technician. He arrived on time, was professional and friendly and completed his work in a timely manner. He provided us with good advice on the more major of the two issues and asked us to contact him with any question or concerns. We have used your firm for a number of years now and based on our various experiences, are happy to recommend Two Brother Plumbing to anyone looking for timely, reliable and professional service. Our thanks to your technician for a job well done.
- Meinhardt I 
Type of call:          Toilet possibly leaking

I was extremely happy with your technician, he was knowledgeable and honest.  I will definitely recommend 2 Brothers when my family and friends need a plumber.

- Doreen V

Type of call:          Water leak in utility room.

Everything was great and I was extremely happy with your technician.
- Craig W
Type of call:          Replace Poly-B pipe with PEX

Your technician was a good worker and everything is perfect!

- Robin B

Type of call:          Service furnace, Installed new tub drain and frost free hose bibs, unclogged vent for upstairs main bath and located leak under ensuite bath

Everything was great and I am very happy with 2 Brother's service. I have referred you to our family members and friends.

Keith H

Type of call:          Install new frost free hose bib.

Your technician was amazing, defiantly knows his stuff !

- Sam T
Type of call:      Install new lavatory faucets, shower valve and trim

I was extremely happy with your technician and the company, I was floored that he could install the fixtures without having to remove the tub. I am very happy and am defiantly going to recommend you to my family and friends.

- Calla O

Type of call:          Install new 40 gal hot water tank

Your technician was great !

- Carl O

Type of call:      Install new 40 gal GAS hot water tank

I was extremely happy with your service.  Your technician was very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend you to family and friends in the future.

- Kevin T
Type of call:       Supply and install garburator

Your technician was amazing, couldn't be happier with the work he provided. He is a great plumber and I will definitely be recommending you to others in the future. 

- Barbara S
Type of call:          Plugged sink drain.
I was very happy with 2 Brothers work.

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